Looking From a Distance


What you see is not what you get, what you get is not what you deserve, and what you deserve becomes a blur. Its time to stop looking at your life from a distance. What you need is right in front of you. Look pass the shadow and reveal the truth, its not always hard to see what’s right in fron of you.

Complications of life often clouds ones judgement. We’ve been burdened and blessed with “The Gift of Life”, life alter our ability to see our future. We build our own obsticles and we make them impenetrable. We fear failure but we also fear the journey of happiness and success. This fear causes us to blind ourselves and build these obsticles, everytime we pass one obsticle we pile on and double it. This causes our journey to become a blur, butwe need to face our fears and stop looking at our life from a distance

Signed and sealed xoxo -keya
Art by Lindsay kellum

Take a walk in my shoes.


Come take a walk with me. Before you pass judgment let me lend you my shoes. They may be sort of rugged but then you’ll see what I’ve been through. My beaches aren’t sandy and my grass isn’t green but I make the best of my situations just so I can develop a better me . So before you pass judgement put on my shoes and come take a walk with me.

This world is a loaded gun ready to blow but if it hits you and you don’t die get back up. If it grazes you brush it off and push through the fire. People will talk, your too skinny, your too fat, your gay, your not stylish enough, your too dumb where does it end. What people fail to realize is every situation changes a persons perception of life. Why does everyone think there way is the right way? Why does everyone conform so well to the bigger society instead of conforming to ones
self? Why must one rule apply to everyone? Well, its not, you shouldn’t and it shouldn’t. What makes one person happy doesn’t make everyone happy. We are not open books don’t give a summary based on the cover read the story before you judge. So next time when you plan to pre-judge just ask to borrow their shoes.

Signed and sealed xoxo -keya
Art by Lindsay Kellum

i find this to be soo true

Doctor Quack

When I turned twenty, I was under the impression that life was going to be a party for the next ten years. I was sorely mistaken. You see… I was warned about a couple things: my metabolism will decrease, I’ll get fatter, academic work will get harder, I’ll have to pay taxes; but there are a lot of things no one warned me about.

So I have written this list, projecting my personal experiences onto my fellow twenty-something friends and colleagues who are themselves possibly struggling with the same things I struggle with in this deeply confusing decade we call our twenties.

1. Twenties are the new teens.

People in their thirties often tell me that the thirties are the new twenties, so what does that make us? Well, unfortunately, as if we didn’t already suffer enough in the confusing and disorienting teenage years, we have to do it all…

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Living a day and a life.

Art by Lindsay Kellum

Capture a dream

Living a day and a life. Let life begin with you, capture a dream, create your destiny, and love what you become. We become so consumed with what we should be and forget about who we are. The one question we should ask ourselves is which one is more important, Or are they equally important? Determine what’s important to you and let your dream become one with the inner you. Control your life and let it reign with joy.

Signed and sealed with xoxo, keya
Art by Lindsay Kellum